Career Update July 2017


Member since 2015 | Marketing Manager France-Iberia LEGO Life ,

Last month, I have joined the LEGO Group in their digital marketing and innovation team. I will be responsible for launching in France and Iberia LEGO´s latest innovation which is a social network for kids. I am really happy to work in one of the most loved brands in the world and really surprised about how the group gives absolute priority to the quality in everything it does and the caring it has towards its employees. I am based in Paris so everyone wishing to visit ‚la ville de l´amour‘ is more than welcome to give me a call.



Member since 2017 

After wrapping up my first year at Yale School of Management, I’m off to Boston this summer to take on an exciting new challenge: surgical robots. When I’m not sampling the classic New England clam chowder, or biking around Cambridge (as a Yalie, I’m obliged to avoid Harvard’s campus), I’ll have the incredible opportunity to learn from surgeons, engineers, scientists, and of course some incredible business leaders in the surgical robotics division at Medtronic, the largest stand-alone biomedical device company in the world. I’m incredibly excited. With no background in healthcare or robotics, I certainly will have a lot to learn, but this is exactly the kind of transition that I came to business school to make.

Although I’ve spent my professional career in asset management at Vanguard (coincidentally, the largest mutual fund company in the world, and also a strongly mission-driven company), I was a physics major back in college, and spent my undergraduate years doing research in everything from graphene creation to quantum optics. Finance certainly taught me a lot (I don’t think I knew what an index fund was when I started), I’ve been itching to get back to a science-based company. (I have to admit, I have a ridiculous Achilles’ heel for nerdy jokes.) But physics also taught me something very important: everything’sharder in reality than in theory. Particularly in the internet age where marginal costs are often negligible if not non-existent, I’ve become increasingly fascinated by a few big, global, physical challenges that I think will define the coming decades: healthcare, water access, transportation, and energy/sustainability. These are gnarly problems. It’s going to take lots of smart people and a lot of hard work to tackle them. I’m thrilled to be joining the ranks.




Member since 2017 | Lead Marketing Manager at Uber, Dubai, UAE

I recently joined the Uber office in Dubai as the Lead Marketing Manager for UAE and Qatar. Not only am I eager to engage in the learning opportunities that come with working the Middle East, a new region for me, but this is a really exciting time to be part of Uber! The company is already changing the way we live in a very tangible way by energizing local economies and promoting a less congested environment. And with new technologies in the pipeline like self-driving cars and VTOL aircraft – for which Dubai will be one of the first test markets – I feel like I‘m part of something truly game-changing.




Member since 2017

I graduated with honors from USC Marshall School of Business on May 12, 2017 with my MBA/Graduate Certification in Technology Commercialization.

I plan to begin my post-MBA career in the Strategy group at Accenture in September. I will be based in San Francisco, California.

I have been selected to join Quarterback, a selective organization that allows MBAs to contribute to social impact consulting projects for non-profits in the United States. I will be spending 8 weeks working with a non-profit based in Los Angeles called „Project Scientist“, designed to encourage young women to pursue careers and studies in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).




Member since 2017 | Consultant @goetzpartners

After meeting goetzpartners at the MBA World Summit in Berlin this past March, I am now very proud and excited to share that I have officially joined goetzpartners at their New York office as a Consultant. On my second day, I was already on-site at my first project! I am very lucky to be staffed with a great project lead and team who have been extremely supportive and helpful in getting me acclimated to my new role and to this project, and I‘m looking forward to integrating more fully onto the team and the firm throughout my time on this project.
Before joining goetzpartners, I worked in financial services consulting and education before pursuing my master’s degree and graduating from Tel Aviv University Coller School of Management with my MBA specializing in organizational behavior and entrepreneurship/innovation.
I am very excited about the amazing opportunities to interact with international clients and teams (my current team represents at least 4 countries!), to be continuously challenged out of my comfort zone, and to apply all the lessons and learnings from my MBA on my various future projects!




Member since 2017 

This year was my first time participating in the MBA World Summit 2017 in Berlin. I had an amazing time meeting my peers and great introductions to the honorary GLC Members at prestigious meet up events during the Summit. I feel very fortunate to be part of this supportive community, and plan to attend to many meetups. I’m about to complete my MBA from UCLA Anderson in Los Angeles, and will be joining a transportation startup called Hyperloop-One. Hyperloop is a high speed transportation concept where passengers or cargo travel in an evacuated tube at speeds up to 1200 km/h. Multiple routes are being proposed, and as a member of the Business Strategy team, I’ll be working on feasibility studies for proposed corridors.

Some interesting companies in the transportation space to keep a look out for, include: The Boring Company, Zoox, NuTonomy, Nio, RideCell, Peloton and of course Hyperloop-One 🙂



Member since 2015 |  Senior Vendor Manager, BISS at Amazon

In October 2016 I joined Amazon in their new Business, Industrial and Scientific Supplies team as a Senior Vendor Manager. After having left my last job 5 months previously to explore some freelance opportunities, I was ready for a new challenge. The team at Amazon really impressed me, and as soon as I was fortunate enough to get the offer, I accepted.

The last 7 months have definitely validated that decision – the work is challenging but incredibly rewarding, and combines intellectual stimulation and in-depth analysis with business development and relationship building – a great combination for MBA graduates. As it’s such a new team, it even feels like a startup. I’m also learning about a brand new industry, lab equipment and supplies, which is the category i’m managing. What’s more, there are lots of opportunities to move around, both in terms of role and location. Happy to share more about my experience and help anyone interested in joining the team.