Organizing Committee

Meet the people behind the event

Thomas Fuchs

As the founder of the MBA World Summit and head of Quarterly Crossing, Thomas has created recruitment and talent promotion programs for global players in diverse industries. He is an expert in talent management and a sought-after coach and consultant for professionals and companies. Thomas refuels by spending time with loved ones, traveling to L.A. and Hong Kong, and enjoying a glass of wine. He gets his best ideas working surrounded by nature, in places like the Adirondacks, New Zealand, or his home in the Palatine woods.

Yannick Reiss

Yannick is the founder of the MBA World Summit, which was held in March 2014 in Hong Kong for the very first time in MBA history. His drive is to bring together talented and inspiring people from all over the world to learn from one another and to grow together. He graduated in business administration as part of a double bachelor’s program at the Dublin City University in Ireland and the European School of Business in Reutlingen, Germany. Besides playing sports, Yannick also enjoys spending time with his family and friends and is very passionate about meeting new and interesting people.

Darius Göttert

Darius is the Head of MBA Summit 2023. As an experienced QX member with a background in Consulting, Start-ups and founding own companies, he provides a diverse skill set and extensive know-how in numerous topics and areas. During his extra-occupational studies of International Management in Munich he appropriated a strong ability for time management, effektive and efficient ways of working and a keenness for entrepreneurial challenges. In his free time he preferes to spend time with friends or visits all kinds of (networking) events.

The MBA World Summit is an initiative of QX-Quarterly Crossing, a unique worldwide network of excellence comprising young and experienced leadership talents.