GLC Family Catch Up

Before Roman Fernandez left Spain to go to Detroit for his new career at Roland Berger we met for coffee. It was a special meeting, as we both sat, talked about the magic of networking, and celebrated international women’s day.

It must have been two weeks ago that I had a really good AI, startup, and sales conversation with Dhiveshan Govender.
He’s working on some pretty neat tech. Watch out world!

Last week, Filipe Castro helped me peer-review my TEDx speech on AI. All I can say is that I’m grateful he is a friend.

As for me, I’m diligently working through the first half of my MBA, interning at a venture capital fund after school, mentoring for the IBM AI X PRIZE, and recently, also preparing to give a TEDx talk on raising AI. That takes most of my time and I love it! It’s the best when you can work on the stuff you love and work with people who are just as crazy and passionate about making a difference through tech.

In fact, if AI is on your radar, let me know. I’d love to catch up.

Lolita Taub | Member since 2017: 

Lolita Taub is an enterprise tech professional, an artificial intelligence enthusiast, and an advocate for women in tech. She is a member of Cognitive Computing Consortium and a mentor for the IBM AI X Prize. Lolita is currently an MBA student at the IE Business School.