We are glad you are interested in our programs as well as offers and would like to inform you how QX-Quarterly Crossing (QX) will handle your personal information while working with our members, partners and customers.


We define personal data as all information which can be used to define you as a person. Protecting your personal data is very important to QX which is why we will explain in detail when, why and for what purpose we will gather personal information.
Provided we have any data, we will only use this to answer your requests as well as undertake actions we have agreed on by contract. Your personal information will only be given to a third-party if it is necessary to the process of contract or if you have clearly agreed to the transmission of your data. An example for this could be that QX transmits data to partner companies that are offering internships.
Other service contractors that handle QX-data are obliged to the German federal data protection act and do not count as third-party companies by definition of the data protection law.
Any processing of your personal data will be done in the Federal Republic of Germany and will be determined by the German federal data protection act and by the German Telemedia law. Only in isolated cases and if it legally permitted we may handle data from abroad.

Data Communication

Our application website is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) thus preventing any unauthorized access. This also applies to any part of our internet appearance in which you are asked for personal information. All data is transmitted via SSL which is secure by the standards of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Data privacy when visiting QX-Websites

Personal data will be stored on servers owned by QX or by integrated services regarding the terms of data protection law. All our IT is subject to our own concept of IT security. Additionally, all servers and networks are protected by the latest security programs.

Security by involvement

All users are obliged to handle all personal data that we may share in a confidential way. It is not permitted to give access to any third-party. QX assumes no liability if this personal data e.g. passwords are mishandled in any way provided the mishandling is not our fault.

Other security measures

QX has taken organizational and technical steps to abide by the German federal data protection act. All working personal at QX comply with the data secrecy protocol by the Federal Protection Act (BDSG) § 5. This data secrecy proceeds beyond the employment at QX.

Your rights

Any consent or approval you have voiced in the past can by revoked simply by addressing tobias.edinger@quarterly-crossing.com or writing a mail to:
QX-Quarterly Crossing GmbH
Lerchesbergring 96
60598 Frankfurt am Main
We will delete all your personal data if you revoke your consent of storing it, if the data cannot be used for its intended purpose anymore or if its storage isn’t legal in any way. We will keep any data that we are obliged to store if determined by law.
According to the federal data protection law, you have the right to know what personal data is stored at QX as well as see, ban or delete this information at any time. If you have any further questions, please contact:
QX-Quarterly Crossing GmbH
Lerchesbergring 96
60598 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon: +49 (0)69 2992 5551

Data security on QX websites

Every time someone visits a QX website the browser will transfer technical data such as the domain name, IP-address, time of day, URL, http-status-code, channel and transmitted data quantity. We use this data to understand behavioral tendencies so we can adjust our content accordingly for a better user experience. QX uses different Systems to acquire this data in an anonymized manner.


The QX website uses so called cookies in order to make your user experience more pleasant. This involves saving a small text file on your own device. Most Cookies are deleted when you close your browser, some others stay saved so your browser can remember the website. You can adjust your cookie-settings at any time on your browser to activate or deactivate any combination of them. We must point out though that you will not be able to use the QX website to its full potential if certain cookies are disabled.
Below we will inform you about all the cookies wie employ on our website:


QX employs Google Analytics which is an analysis tool from Google Inc. Google Analytics uses Cookies that are saved on your PC and which enable us to analyze your user behavior. Any data which is created by this tool is transmitted to the USA and saved there. Before that happens, every IP address is anonymized in a way that encodes the exact location in the European Union. QX commissioned Google Analytics to study your user performance and then send us reports. At any given time, IP address and cookie data are separated keeping the whole process anonymous.
If you do not want Google Analytics to transmit any data you can disable this cookie by downloading and installing this browser plugin: Google Tools
You may find additional information on the terms of service and your data privacy on this Google page.


We employ Jetpack by Automatic Inc. 132 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States of America together with services of the Quantcast Corp. 201 Third Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States of America. These cookies enable us to understand essential parts of our web analysis. As with Google Analytics, your IP address is disconnected from any other data and is encrypted when moving to the US. As stated before, we cannot ensure full viability of our website if you choose to disable this cookie.
By enabling the Opt-Out-Cookie from http://www.quantcast.com/opt-out you can stop any data flow by Jetpack in the future.

Contact form

When you reach out to QX via the contact form your data is collected and saved on QX servers for purposes stated above. The data is transmitted via SSL which is a seen as a secure line by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and stops any efforts by unauthorized parties. By transmitting your personal information to QX you give your consent to collect, process and save data according to this data privacy statement. You may revoke this agreement for free and without any drawback by contacting: tobias.edinger@quarterly-crossing.com

Social Media


QX employs Social Plugins provided by different social media networks. You can spot Social Plugins by their according logos. Only if you click on these logos a connection to the specific social media will be issued.


When pushing the Facebook like-button, our website connects to Facebook (Facebook Ireland Limited, Hanover Reach, 5-7 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2 Ireland). If you are logged into Facebook they can assign your visit on the QX-website to your Facebook profile. We only enable the link between Facebook and our website and do not actively promote any data flow. For more information on how Facebook processes your information you can look up everything on the data privacy agreement on Facebook.

Declaration of consent to the elicitation of personal data

I agree that QX may elicit personal data in order to find internships, permanent positions and QX events for me. This includes giving some of this information to partner companies so they can handle and use it for only this purpose.
I have understood that QX will elicit, process and handle my personal data according to the private data policy of the Hessian federal state (HDSG).
I have been advised that I am voluntarily letting QX handle my data. I may revoke this agreement at any time without any drawbacks whatsoever. I will send my declaration of revocation to:
QX-Quarterly Crossing GmbH
Lerchesbergring 96
60598 Frankfurt am Main
As soon as we receive your declaration of revocation we will immediately delete any data and personal information we and our partners have.