Post MBA World Summit Activities

Zeeshan Ashraf |  Member since 2017  

Following my representation of Nanyang Business School (NBS) in MBA World Summit, I took the chance to travel through Europe. Making stops in Amsterdam, Venice, Florence, Rome and Barcelona, I took the chance to reflect on my experience in the summit and newly forged bonds with MBA participants from around the world. As a double MBA participant, I had just finished my course map in NBS and was readying myself for the next stop in my
MBA journey, that is Tokyo!

After living in Singapore for five years, I had to take this chance; I had to experience the life in Japan. I arrived in Tokyo early April 2017 to start my second MBA. Sakura (flower bloom period) was still here and I attended Hanami (drinking parties in parks) to truly enjoy Sakura in the presence of local Tokyo
residents. I will finish my MBA from Waseda Business School, Tokyo in August and am already looking forward to various interesting choices that lie ahead.

Learning Nihongo is challenging, but not so much as I have recently started seeing a wonderful Japanese person. Participating in Tokyo Pride Parade was especially wonderful as people marched through busy streets of Shibuya with loud music pumping from the moving vehicles. The MBA experience in Waseda Business School has given me perspective on Japanese industry and management. The people in Japan tend to be kind at heart and hospitable and now I understand why this nation is called the land of the rising sun. I am truly looking forward to welcome many MBA World Summit participants in Tokyo over the coming couple of months and am already looking forward to the next MBA World Summit in Cape Town. 

Catchup dinner with GeeGee in Tokyo – a friend I mad in MBA World Summit
Birthday Dinner with Nanyang-Waseda double MBA participants in Tokyo