The Pinnacle Summit of the Global MBA Community

The Story

‘High Potentials, Leaders and Entrepreneurs from the world’s top MBA programs’

The MBA World Summit began in Hong Kong 2014, as a top best-practice sharing and recruitment platform for the world’s most inspiring current MBA students. It built bridges between MBA programs all over the world and fostered a Global Leadership Community from the attending students. Over the past 5 years of the event it has since developed each year to become the world’s most distinctive platform for high impact exchange among all MBAs both past and current students worldwide, which is aimed at pushing future innovation and fostering a collaborative culture between these talents across all levels of seniority.

The 200 most inspiring MBAs worldwide

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Participating Business Schools

The MBA World Summit in a nutshell

What is it about?

Three-days of high impact exchange
and best practice sharing among all top MBAs worldwide facilitated at the world’s most distinctive event for MBAs

Who is it for?

200 of the most inspiring current MBA Students & Top MBA Alumni leaders, presented on a platform for best practice sharing among like minded talents

When and where?

March 13th – 15th, 2019
Sydney, Australia

MBA Alumni Application Process

Current MBA Student Application Process

How can I apply?

Current MBA Students Application

Current MBA Student Applications are Now Closed for the 2019 MBA World Summit

Current MBA Students go free to the event and receive sponsoring for accommodation, catering and entertainment expenses Applicants must pay a €60 application handling fee

Current MBA Student Application Deadline: November 28,
MBA Alumni ‘Early Bird’ Application Deadline: November 28 Apply now to be eligible for the Early Bird reduced ticket price with 50EUR off!
MBA Alumni Application Deadline: January 31 2019

Fast application

You will receive feedback regarding your application within one week

Alumni Application

The Alumni ticket costs €450 with an included €60 application handling fee, which grants access to: all session formats, complete attendee database & matchmaking service + receptions, dinners and cultural expeditions, Note the ticket (not incl. the application handling fee) is only due to be paid once the applicant is accepted as an attendee



MBA World Summit 2019

March 13th – 15th 2019, Sydney | Australia

MBA World Summit 2018

March 14th – 16th 2018, Cape Town | South Africa

MBA World Summit 2017

March 1st – 4th 2017, Berlin | Germany

MBA World Summit 2016

March 9th – 11th 2016, Miami | USA

MBA World Summit 2015

March 25th – 27th 2015, Barcelona | Spain

MBA World Summit 2014

March 27th – 28th 2014, Hong Kong | China

Our Partners

We have cultivated close partnerships with 25 of the highest achieving business schools worldwide, and multiple globally recognised companies. Selected highly aspiring organizations committed to the Summit’s values, partner with us to contribute towards a platform aimed at pushing future innovation and content driven exchange of the highest levels. 

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

The MBA World Summit is not only the pinnacle summit of the global MBA community but a launchpad for its attendees to join and shape the powerful Global Leadership Community, which aims to become the apex leadership network for the most exceptional individuals worldwide.