High Potentials & Entrepreneurs from the world’s best MBA programs connected with top business leaders through reverse-mentoring

The MBA World Summit is the pinnacle international gathering for the global MBA community. As a result of the “the world´s most inspiring MBAs” co-creating the agenda, the Summit became a “Best-Practice-Sharing” and “High-Impact-Exchange” platform, building bridges between the most prestigious programs all over the place since its inauguration in 2014. 

We believe that rigorously selecting and bringing together the most inspiring and exceptional MBA students from the best business schools, forms a powerful resource to address, discuss and enhance the very latest in groundbreaking technologies and emerging markets. This is also seen by CEOs of multinationals and owners of large family enterprises as an extraordinary fountain of innovation, progress and future which is why we integrate them in the Summit and put “reverse mentoring” as a major focus part on the agenda. Or like Elon Musk said: “If you´re over 45 and don´t have an under-30 Mentor – not Mentee, MENTOR – then you´re going to miss fundamental shifts in thinking that are happening.”

The MBA World Summit in a nutshell

What is it about?
Three-days of high impact exchange and best practice sharing among top MBA students in an inspiring atmosphere
Who is it for?
The 100 most inspiring pre-selected MBA students & carefully chosen top-executives offering sustainable reverse-mentoring
When and where?
November 16th-18th 2022, Politecnico di Milano - Graduate School of Management



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Participating Business Schools


Reverse mentoring is the big trend among international top-executives, ever since Elon Musks statement „if you’re over 45 and don`t have an under-30 Mentor – not Mentee, MENTOR – then you’re going to miss fundamental shifts in thinking that are happening”.

Because of the increasingly rapid technological progress, more and more companies see a significant competitive advantage (= more innovative strength!) in the exchange with “young people”. Just like large technology companies in Silicon Valley, which already stipulate a minimum number of “under-35s” on their advisory boards (“age diversity”).

In the “Reverse Mentoring Program” on the MBA World Summit 2022 we bring you, as an ambitioned MBA student, together with the “top decision makers” of international companies and facilitate the optimal match/tandem formation in terms of a sustainable personal and mutually value-creating mentor-/advisor-relationship.


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May 12th – 14th 2021, Frankfurt | Germany

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March 27th – 28th 2014, Hong Kong | China