Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MBA World Summit?

The MBA World Summit is about shaping a Global Leadership Community.

Every year it invites the 100 most inspiring MBA students from business schools worldwide.
Focusing on the three pillars

  1. nurturing a collaborative culture
  2. facilitating high-impact exchange
  3. championing interdisciplinary approaches to global business problems

all of the students will be involved in co-creating the agenda for a three-day Summit.

Who is QX-Quarterly Crossing?
QX-Quarterly Crossing is a unique worldwide network of excellence comprising of young and experienced leadership talents. This network is designed to provide mutual support to both our member’s professional and personal development. Since 1995 over 2300 personalities, ranging from students to CEOs, have been carefully selected out of more than 50,000 applicants to form a lively and congenial community of success. QX–Quarterly Crossing aims to support
  1. extraordinary leadership-careers through an exclusive circle of contacts
  2. enriching encounters between members
  3. stimulating gatherings on a regular basis


This promotes multidisciplinary, personal exchange across seniority levels. Furthermore, long-time partnerships with blue-chip companies offer QX-members access to exceptional career opportunities worldwide.
For more information visit the Website of QX-Quarterly Crossing.

How can I apply?
Applications are open - you can now apply on the MBA World Summit admissions portal.
The final deadline to submit application is 23:59 GMT, November 30th, 2017.
Application Handling Fee:
  • Early Bird: 42€ (until AUGUST 20th, 2017)
  • Lucky Bird: 51€ (until OCTOBER 15th, 2017) 
  • Late Bird: 60€ (until NOVEMBER 30th, 2017)

From December 4th until December 29th, 2017 qualified candidates participate in the qualifying round.
All selected summit participants will be notified by January 26th 2018.

For more information please contact

I’m not interested in recruitment, can I still go?

Yes! If you are not interested in recruiting, you simply need to express that on the application. The Summit is above all an event for connection and networking. There is plenty of space for valuable exchange even if you are not looking for a position in the short term. However, if you are interested in a position at one of our partners, you can participate in their recruiting sessions and might leave the Summit with not only a stronger network but also very concrete results: a job offer to join an amazing company.

Who can attend the MBA World Summit?
To qualify, MBA students must be first or second year full-time MBA students, on a deferred enrollment program for an MBA (eg. 2+2 or 1+1) orExecutive MBA students - also postgraduate MBA students have the possibility of participating in the MBA World Summit up to one year after the final graduation. At the MBA World Summit you will meet an exclusive group of selected MBA students from around the world. Besides the students, there will also be staff from our partner companies, recruiters, and the QX-Crew. All of these are inspiring personalities studying at the world’s top MBA schools or are working for leading companies.

Which expenses are covered? How is it going to work?

We will sponsor your accommodation and most of the expenses for entertainment, food and beverages. Regarding your accommodation, we will make all booking arrangements. However, we will not cover hotel expenses if you arrive earlier or leave later than the Summit dates.

Will the event cover the expenses of my significant other?

No, unfortunately we cannot cover the costs for your significant other.

When will I know if I am able to participate in the MBA World Summit?

Applicants will be notified of the selection decisions for the qualifying round within 7 days after handing in their applications. The final results will then be announced on January 26th 2018.

Who can I contact with questions concerning the MBA World Summit’s application process?

You can contact Laura Hoerhammer at the following e-mail address: