Honoring the best SLS Voice of the MBA World Summit

The “Tim-Eisenmann-Award” was named after its 2014 inaugural winner and is granted each year to the best speaker (Voice) at the MBA World Summit.

All MBA World Summit attendees are given an opportunity to vote live during the sessions, and the nominee with the highest ranked Summit Laboratory Session will be the winner. The award will be given at the evening cocktail session on the first day of the MBA World Summit.

The following nominees have shown exceptional leadership and inspired the audience through his or her presentation within the Summit Laboratory Sessions:

Suzuki Serina

University of Hong Kong ´22
SLS Topic:
   “Empowering Women in Leadership”

Milan 2022

Chloe Burles

London Buinsess School ´21
SLS Topic:
“46 Days in the Desert”
Frankfurt 2021

Jessica C. Harmer

IE Business School ´19
SLS Topic:
„Design Thinking for social innovation“
Sydney 2019

Kasper Hellberg

London Business School ´18
SLS Topic:
Personal Relationships: Success outside the office
Cape Town 2018

University of Oxford: Saïd ´17
SLS Topic:
“Dating the Media: the guide to getting your company noticed.”
Berlin 2017

Stanford GSB ´17
SLS Topic:
“The most important discussion you never had in college.”
Miami 2016

Stanford GSB ´15
SLS Topic:
“Learnings from a failed attempt to buy an NBA team: Understanding public-private partnerships through the lens of game theory.”
Barcelona 2015

Stanford GSB ´14
SLS Topic:”
Shaping the World – Start Up or big Business?”
Hong Kong 2014