September 28, 2017

„Go with the flow“

Teresa Villanova | Member since 2017

As a part of the International Field Seminar, I travelled Ho Chi Minh with
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Siya Gule | Member since 2016

“You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the
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Joanna Merker | Member since 2017

Chances of getting hired at Google are apparently less than 1%, making
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David Morczinek | Member since 2017

AirWorks was founded out of MIT by a team of entrepreneurs and engineers in

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Mitja Lomp | Member since 2016

Everybody of us spends a

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Hannes Hebel | Member since 2017

It’s 6 am Monday morning, July 3rd 2017. Heavy raindrops are tumbling onto my
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Lolita Taub | Vanity August | Member since 2017

Lolita Taub is a TEDx speaker and keynote, a World Economic

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