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"The MBA World Summit is a platform for students to take control of their own leadership journeys, to connect with like-minded peers from across the world, and to be inspired by leaders who are making a difference in their industries and communities."

Power to the Students - Inspiring The Next Generation Of Leaders At the MBA World Summit 2022

Business schools have a huge responsibility. After all, they are shaping the behaviours of those who will be leading many of our institutions and businesses of the future. This is a key message from Federico Frattini, Dean of POLIMI Graduate School of Management, at the MBA World Summit 2022. Established in 2014, …

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Tackling global issues at the MBA World Summit 2022 - Ivey1 MBA Blog

When you bring together 100 highly-driven MBA students, business leaders, and academics to discuss how to tackle critical global issues, the opportunities are endless. Whether it was ways to increase business sustainability or combine purpose with profit, the summit inspired us to care about the bigger world beyond business and …

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Business Graduates impress at MBA World Summit

Congratulations to three of our MBA graduates for their selection and participation in the 2021 MBA World Summit earlier this year. Alejandro Ortiz, Himanshu Kolhekar and Niharika Singh were selected as three of only 100 participants globally, chosen from more than 2500 applicants. All three were also selected to present to the global audience. BIlled as the pinnacle international gathering for …

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MBA World Summit: Gipfeltreffen der Überflieger

MBA-Studenten wollen bewegen, möglichst schnell, möglichst viel. Aber geht das besser in Start-ups oder in Konzernen? Bei einem Treffen der MBA-Elite wird deutlich: Konzerne haben es schwer, bei den Überfliegern zu punkten – doch auch die Freiheiten in Start-ups ziehen nicht mehr..

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The MBA World Summit in Hong Kong

“Imagine being invited to attend a global networking summit with a very select group of future business leaders from around the world…”

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Nur noch kurz die Welt ändern

Hongkong – Sie kommen aus den unterschiedlichsten Ecken der Erde, doch als Tim Eisenmann von Lufthansa erzählt, reitet er auf einer Welle der Zustimmung. Eisenmann ist 24 Jahre alt und MBA-Student in Stanford…

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UCT Hosts First African MBA World Summit

The UCT Graduate School of Business is hosting this year’s MBA World Summit, an event that harnesses the collective thinking power of the top 100 MBA students from high-ranking international business schools and is being held for the first time on African soil.

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Creative and Innovative Solutions

“It is through communication and collaboration between people of diverse backgrounds and with varied skillsets and experiences – both professional and personal – that tangible results are brought about…”

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Dr Kutlwano Ramaboa, Director of International Relations at the GSB

“International mobility is a growing theme for MBA students who need to be able to demonstrate a global mind-set. Such events are life changing and career-boosting

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ESMT Berlin hosts MBA World Summit

“The MBA World Summit fosters a global community for top MBA students across worldwide leading business schools”

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MBA World Summit, Berlin

We could co-create our agenda and one expedition which caught my eye was “Refugees Welcome”. It was hosted by Unionhilfswerk which is one of the biggest social organizations in Berlin. It offers a broad variety of social services including refugees’ rehabilitation.

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Raymond Ledwaba

“It takes events like the MBA World Summit to bring the world together and to create a platform for people to learn about different problems and how you can come up with different solutions”

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UNSW hosts MBA World Summit

Activities such as ‘The Big Idea Lounge’, hosted at AGSM’s Michael Crouch innovation centre, connected entrepreneurial MBA students with fellow startup enthusiasts as well as venture capitalists (VCs).

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MBA News

AGSM @ UNSW Business School recently hosted the sixth annual MBA World Summit, welcoming 100 of the world’s top MBA students to exchange ideas, create social impact, build bridges between cultures, and make lasting and powerful connections. “When you bring diverse, inspiring people together in one place, there will always be innovation and progress,” said Thomas Fuchs, co-founder of the Summit.

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Yamini Sharma

Such an incredible privilege to have been a part of the MBA World Summit 2019 and to have met some of the brightest minds from around the world!

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School of Business Hosts MBA World Summit​​

“The Summit really reinforced that business does all hinge on who you know and not what you know.”

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AMBA partners with the MBA World Summit​

“The MBA World Summit is by far “The” platform where the collective voice and wisdom of the most innovative and passionately collaborative MBA students is heard.”

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Connecting with the Best at the MBA World Summit

“As Thomas Fuchs, Founder of the MBA World Summit, started telling us about the incredible summit experience, I knew I had to be there! Being part of this exclusive group and meeting charismatic and inspiring MBA students was an opportunity of a lifetime.

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My Experiences at the MBA World Summit

“Based on my experience, I strongly encourage students to take part in this extracurricular yet very educational experience to broaden their vision through inspiration and expand their network through proactivity.”

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Our time at the MBA World Summit in Barcelona

“The interactions between the students, the crew and company representatives spilled over to the dinner at a fantastic Tapas restaurant. And then onto the third day which focused on strengthening these bonds in the informal setting of city tours, lazy beach lunches and clubbing.”

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AGSM star shines at MBA World Summit

“It was quite unique to meet with 100 MBAs from different universities and backgrounds and get some inspiring, challenging discussions going about business and economy problems. […] For sure it was one of the highlights of my MBA and I was quite happy and excited to be selected.”

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Jessica Harmer

Knocking two sticks together, she held long enchanting notes while he sat on the floor and blew into a wooden instrument in the shape of a long thin log. The other dancers banged the ground with their feet and pushed the air with flapping arms…

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John Mason

I had the opportunity to present a session […] based on findings from our studies, titled ‘Top Manager’s Perspective’. It was a true privilege to be able to learn from and interact with such a dynamic and interesting group of future leaders from across the globe!

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Felíx Lavoie-Perusse

It was truly inspiring to share these three days of lab sessions, and exchanges of best practices with 100 of the most inspiring MBAs from the world’s leading business schools.

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Jason Timor

Great to present at the MBA World Summit hosted by AGSM @ UNSW Business School for the Top 100 MBA students around the world.

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Sajid Bokhari

It definitely ranks up there as one of the best MBA experiences I’ve had with the summit providing a collaborative, high impact platform for the exchange of business ideas and best practice sharing.

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Casey Lee Brown

I was able to spend my spring break learning from and being inspired by a group of amazing MBA’s from around the world in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

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Geoffrey Rowan

I am thankful for the meaningful relationships, lessons, and opportunities that this summit brought me as this was one of the best experiences in my MBA career.

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Abhijit Mohapatra

It was a wonderful opportunity to learn from sessions by business leaders, local entrepreneurs and fellow delegates and aquiant myself with the vibrant culture of Australia

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Carson Kotnyek

A HUGE thank you to the MBA World Summit team, and our host AGSM @ UNSW Business School for this opportunity to further leadership, and collaborate globally on tomorrow’s challenges.

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Inside the MBA World Summit

For two Berkeley Haas School of Business MBA ’18 candidates, Hejar Oncel and Hien (Sunny) Nguyen, it was an incredible opportunity to explore their own interests and learn from others.

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Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

“One of the reasons we have so many wars in the Middle East, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq is, basically, water scarcity”

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MBA World Summit in Cape Town

“I felt it would be a great opportunity to engage with my peers from other business schools around the world and have a finger on the pulse of what the global MBA community is talking about

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UBC Sauder MBA graduate reflects on MBA World Summit

When Jason Lee stepped into a public space in the heart of Cape Town’s Philippi township, he realized it was an unconventional summit. Instead of huddling in hotels tucked away in dense urban locales, the World MBA Summit 2018 brought together trailblazing MBA students in a community that is emblematic of the socio-economic challenges confronting South Africa and the region at large.

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Business without Borders

To many, Cape Town, the host of the 2018 MBA World Summit, evokes images of a tourist mecca, known for picturesque mountains and animated nightlife that draw ten million visitors each year. The spotlight at the Summit, however, was on the heart of the city beneath its blissful veneer.

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MBA World Summit

The aim of the Summit is to further strengthen inspirational exchange among the brightest MBA students around the world by meeting in person and building sustainable relationships between future business leaders.

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Alumna Flies Flag for GSB and South Africa

“There is no doubt that the Summit represents a powerful global network of upcoming leaders who can collaborate to find ground-breaking solutions for current issues”

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The Melting Pot of Inspiration

“There is something in common between the Portuguese innovator studying at CEIBS in Shanghai, the Pakistani engineer studying at NUS in Singapore, the Tanzanian TV personality studying at Stanford in California and the Egyptian-Canadian entrepreneur studying at IE in Madrid. That something is shared by everyone I met at the last two Summits in Miami and Berlin. That something is ‘Inspiration’.”

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IE at MBA World Summit

“Participating in workshops, lectures and think tanks together with 100 hand-picked MBA students from the best universities of the world is a challenge and even more enrichment.”

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MBA World Summit 2022 Aftermovie

MBA World Summit Trailer 2019

Interviews from past Participants

Jessica C. Harmer

IE Business School,
Tim-Eisenmann-Award Winner

Read the full Interview

András Marton

Mannheim Business School,
MBA Alumni

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Ranjeeta Rai

MBA World Summit Trailer 2018

Participants of the very first MBA World Summit

The very first MBA World Summit in MBA history was held in Hong Kong on the 27th & 28th of March 2014. In the name of the whole MBA World Summit Organizing Committee, we would like to express our sincerest appreciation for all the great effort produced by every single applicant – we really are overwhelmed by all the heart, enthusiasm and positive energy that came from you! It is exactly this kind of spirit that will continue to make this event so special.

Thoughts on the MBA World Summit

At the MBA World Summit in Hong Kong 2014 we interviewed participants and asked them to share their thoughts about the MBA World Summit. They stated that meeting the peers from all around the world and participating in sessions made by the fellow MBA students is very unique. Breaking limits and connecting to students from other universities is what the platform offers.

Thoughts on Leadership

MBA World Summit participants in Hong Kong were explaining what role model leaders  are like, what values they have, and how they should behave. Students from Columbia Business School, London Business School, INSEAD, HAAS School of Business Berkerley, NUS Business School shared their ideas and thoughts with us.