MBA World Summit Trailer 2019

MBA World Summit Trailer 2017

Excerpt of Raymond’s speech about the MBA World Summit 2018

Raymond Ledwaba, 2015 alumni of the MBA World Summit, agreed to partner with us to bring the MBA World Summit to his home country South Africa in 2018. We are happy and proud of the opportunity to host the MBA World Summit in partnership with the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business in Cape Town to be able to put emphasis on the immense challenges the African continent in general and South Africa in particular is facing.

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Enjoy an excerpt of Raymond’s speech, held at this year’s opening ceremony for the MBA World Summit in Berlin and learn more about our upcoming journey!

Explaining the MBA World Summit
(Trailer 2017)

The MBA World Summit is about shaping a Global Leadership Community. Since its inauguration in 2014, it has prided itself as the pinnacle international gathering for the global MBA community. Year by year, 100 of the most exceptional and rigorously selected MBA talents from the top business schools worldwide (out of more than 3.000 applicants) are invited to attend this exclusive conference.

Participants of the very first MBA World Summit

The very first MBA World Summit in MBA history was held in Hong Kong on the 27th & 28th of March 2014. In the name of the whole MBA World Summit Organizing Committee, we would like to express our sincerest appreciation for all the great effort produced by every single applicant – we really are overwhelmed by all the heart, enthusiasm and positive energy that came from you! It is exactly this kind of spirit that will continue to make this event so special.

Thoughts on the MBA World Summit

At the MBA World Summit in Hong Kong 2014 we interviewed participants and asked them to share their thoughts about the MBA World Summit. They stated that meeting the peers from all around the world and participating in sessions made by the fellow MBA students is very unique. Breaking limits and connecting to students from other universities is what the platform offers.

Thoughts on Leadership

MBA World Summit participants in Hong Kong were explaining how leader are, what values they have, and how they should behave. Students from Columbia Business School, London Business School, INSEAD, HAAS School of Business Berkerley, NUS Business School shared their ideas and thoughts with us.

Summit Laboratory Sessions (SLS)

MBAs conduct experimental ‘lab sessions’ – lectures, workshops, ‘talk-shops’ or ‘think-tanks’ designed to inspire and incite intense discussion and best-practice-sharing. These speakers have complete control over the creative direction of their proposed topics, which are screened, selected and then refined by the organizing committee prior to the Summit. They are held in parallel and the participants can choose either from a vast list of topics or address a very personal one.

At the MBA World Summit in Berlin in 2017 one of the MBAs made a live video of one of the SLS sessions:

Roman Fernandez led an awesome talk on “Secret Weapons of the Networking Ninja” at the MBA World Summit! Check out a snippet of his presentation…

The FinTech Panel at the
MBA World Summit 2017

In one of the panel sessions MBAs and industry experts were discussing trends and visions of the FinTech industry in smaller circle.

Thanks to Sean Bellamy McNulty one of the MBA World Summit participants who led the panel a 360° video was recorded at the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator in Berlin.

Interview With GLC member – Alexis Jeffries

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Interview with GLC member – Jakub Krajcovic

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Interview with GLC 2018 Alumnus – Jakub Krajcovic”]