The MBA World Summit is the pinnacle international gathering for the global MBA community. It has been a top “Best-Practice-Sharing” and “High-Impact-Exchange” platform for “the world´s most inspiring MBAs”, building bridges between the most prestigious programs all over the place since its inauguration in 2014. Every year, only 100 of the most exceptional MBAs are rigorously selected (out of more than 3.000 applicants) and invited to this exclusive conference where the attendees co-create the agenda.

The MBA World Summit is an initiative by the European Leadership Network “QX-Quarterly Crossing”. We believe that bringing together the most inspirational future leaders in an uplifting and intimate setting and letting them share their values, expectations and passions will always result in progressive ideas and innovation. On one hand we designed this one-of-a-kind event for those global minds who want to grow through new meaningful and sustainable connections among each other. But for all those who may seek fortunate business opportunities with or within Europe – today or in the future – be it for a joint venture, a roll-out or market entrance or even a promising investment – the MBA World Summit establishes the ultimate launch pad. Effective, reliable and discrete – by giving attendees the rare opportunity to become accredited premium member of this powerful elite network within the German Head Honcho, Entrepreneur and Top-Manager community.


Summit Laboratory Session

Experimental Lab Sessions, Inspiring Discussions, Best Practice Sharing
• Workshops
• Talkshops
• Thinktanks
• Speeches
• Life Lessons


Fostering long lasting and sustainable relations through multiple formats
• Receptions
• Dinners
• Cultural Expeditions
• Matchmakings
• C-Level Lounge

Big Idea Lounge

A platform for pre- selected Ventures and Top-Class Investors to create big Ideas
• Investors
• Ventures
• Start-Ups
• Grown-Ups

Social Impact

Leaving a footprint by having an impact on local economy and society
• planned and executed by the host school
• active participation by delegates


Increasing visibility and offering opportunities for Top Talent Recruiting
• Company Booths
• Recruitment Opportunities (mailings, interviews)
• Company Speeches



The MBA World Summit is the flagship event of the GLC, a Global Leadership Community which aims to
become the apex leadership network for the most exceptional individuals worldwide that will follow all
Summit participants, past and present, through their entire personal and professional lives. The GLC is
composed of members who stretch across all different levels of seniority and they stem from various
working backgrounds, but they all share the fundamental same educational process which is accentuated
through the MBA World Summit event and the provided network thereafter.
This growing community which welcomes a fresh group of members each year carries on the work begun
and the relationships forged at the Summit in locally organized „City Circles“, by arranging meet-ups and
ground-up initiatives. Every year, all Summit alumni are also invited to participate in the MBA World Summit
and pass on the Summit’s innovative and eclectic culture to new members (including full sponsorship of
accommodation, catering and entertainment).