MBAs conduct experimental ‘lab sessions’ – lectures, workshops, ‘talk-shops’ or ‘think-tanks’ designed to inspire and incite intense discussion and best-practice-sharing. The MBAs that are chosen to hold one of the Summit Laboratory Sessions (SLS) – the Voices –  have complete control over the creative direction of their proposed topics, which are screened, selected and then refined by the organizing committee prior to the Summit.

The SLS  are used to share knowledge, passion and incubate emerging ideas during the Summit, but also to raise awareness on particular subjects that the respective Voice has experienced or aims to highlight. The sessions can be used to educate other attendees in a field of study that the session leader has expertise in or used to challenge other attendees so that the session leader can get feedback to benefit solving a problem of their own. Possible forms for the SLS are (next to your innovative idea of a completely different one):

  • Workshops – A practical hands on session designed to challenge other attendees to tackle business problems or obstacles
  • Talkshops – A seminar which can be used to educate other attendees in a field of work
  • Thinktanks – An engaging forward-thinking session, where ideation and the creation of new ways of thinking are promoted
  • Speeches – The flexibility in the laboratory sessions permits them to be as creative as the attendee feels is necessary, making the possibility of something as straight forward as a speech feel much more appealing
  • Life Lessons – As many of the attendees of the summit will have much corporate experience, life lessons are also a key option of the Laboratory sessions as they encourage likeminded thinkers to learn from each other

Tim-Eisenmann-Award Ceremony

A relaxed time to unwind after the day’s events, engage in informal discussions and present the “Tim-Eisenmann-Award” to the most popular student-led workshop. This award is named after 2014’s inaugural winner.


Reverse Mentoring

A one-year mentoring program starting at the MBA World Summit builds one of the key-agenda-points. CEOs of Multinationals and owners of large family enterprises are attending the conference and picking one or more MBA students as their mentees, but via the idea of reverse mentoring also as their young mentors.

Cultural Expeditions

Exciting adventures to the city‘s cultural hotspots and heritage sites. The expeditions are perfect „ice-breakers“ and a special opportunity to build first meaningful relationships in a comfortable, informal and inspirational setting.

All the participants – selected MBAs, Summit Alumni and company representatives – come together for the first time to get to know each other and engage in first conversations.

Matchmaking Service

Attendees offer information on their relevant interests and expertise, and through this information pre-selected matches are made, which maximises networking opportunities at the Summit. Attendees are able to grow personally and professionally as they come together with likeminded people and engage in personal content driven exchange which fosters lifelong impacts on one another.

Networking Dinner

A comfortable setting for candidates and company representatives to engage in private and in-depth discussion on business and career related issues over an enjoyable networking dinner.

Networking Lunch & Resolution

A truly unique networking experience reflecting the host city‘s lifestyle: Be surprised for a truly local experience. Personal bonds are strengthened between participants in a relaxed setting that allows them to let their hair down and resolve to remain in contact even after the Summit ends.

C-Level Lounge

A C-Level lounge will also be provided, where C-Level attendees as well as C-levels from our partner companies can sit together and are able to converse in a relaxed setting.


The „Big Idea Lounge“ at the MBA World Summit provides unique opportunities to entrepreneurial  MBAs. During „Ideation Panels“ (IPs) MBAs with entrepreneurial backgrounds or those who want to become an entrepreneur in the future, can engage in in-depth discussions with peers, industry experts and the who-is-who of the local start-up scene. 

Preselected investors and ventures are matched with early and later stage start-ups, idea pitches and face to face talks are facilitated to create a dialogue where feedback is given, or partnerships are established.

Entrepreneurs are also able to exchange with others who are at a similar stage of entrepreneurial development, where experiences and lessons can be shared about the entrepreneurial start-up life, in an exclusive setting they are able to engage into in-depth discussions about on-going business topics, share best-practices, seek mutual inspiration and discuss future-business opportunities. 


More than ever, responsibility for our planet and society is an important theme for us all. That’s why the MBA World Summit enables MBAs to take a deeper look at social impact issues, gain first-hand experience in the field and become actively involved in meaningful local and international projects contributing their expertise and experience to a meaningful purpose.

Social Impact Day

In Cape Town 2018 the social impact day was included at the MBA World Summit, it was the chance for attendees to have a lifelong impact on local businesses and society, through engaging with local business owners to help them with struggles that they may encounter with their businesses. 

In Sydney, our attendees had the opportunity to meet a number of entrepreneurs and AGSM Alumni that shared their stories and how they managed to create a positive impact along their ways. In addition, a social entrepreneur brought their current challenge to the table: a global expansion strategy, that our attendees got a chance to work on. In teams they split up to get creative to analyse potential markets and present their narrative for the strategy. 

In the future, the Social Impact Day will be integrated as a key element of the MBA World Summit agenda and we hope to create countless opportunities for both, entrepreneurs and participants to create shared value and to leave a footprint behind which will help local communities for years to come.