The MBA World Summit is about shaping a Global Leadership Community, which is made up of inspirational people who make it their duty to forward each other’s development through mutual cooperation and support. Since its inauguration in 2014, the MBA World Summit has prided itself as the pinnacle international gathering for the global MBA community.  Every year, 200 of the most exceptional and rigorously selected MBA talents from the top business schools worldwide (out of more than 3.000 applicants) and MBA Alumni stemming from the same top business programs are invited to attend this exclusive conference.

There are five fundamental formats that make up the MBA World Summit: ‘Summit Laboratory Sessions’ which are proposed and lead by the attendees inspire discussion and best-practice sharing across varying topics, Networking where attendees can interact with one another and create strong partnerships across multiple offered networking platforms, Social Impact where the attendees can leave a positive footprint on local economy and society and finally Career where attendees can connect with top businesses gain insight but also professional opportunities.

All of them will be involved in co-creating the agenda of the three-day Summit, which focuses on the three pillars of nurturing a collaborative culture, facilitating high-impact exchange and championing interdisciplinary approaches to global business and societal problems, which are offered across many varied formats. Attendees debate the most pressing issues of our times as well as future challenges and engage in a vibrant best-practice sharing, whilst simultaneously receiving opportunities through our networking formats where they will meet like minded leaders who could have a life changing impact on them.

Summit Laboratory Sessions

Experimental Lab Sessions

Inspiring Discussions

Best Practice Sharing

  • Workshops
  • Talkshops
  • Thinktanks
  • Speeches
  • Life Lessons


Fostering long lasting and sustainable relations through multiple formats

  • Receptions
  • Dinners
  • Cultural Expeditions
  • Matchmakings
  • C-Level Lounge

Big Idea Lounge

A platform for pre-selected Ventures and Top-Class Investors to create big Ideas

  • Investors
  • Ventures
  • Start-Ups
  • Grown-Ups

Social Impact

Leaving a footprint by having an impact on local economy and society

  • planned and executed by the host school


Increasing visibility and offering opportunities for Top Talent Recruiting

  • Company Booths
  • Recruitment Opportunities (mailings, interviews)
  • Company Speeches

A Platform for an Exclusive MBA Networking Experience Among the World’s Most Inspirational MBAs

Throughout the MBA World Summit opportunities are created through the many different networking formats. Attendees hand in information, declaring their relevant interests as well as expertise. And opportunities like matches will be prepared for during the summit to maximise the networking experience, where Attendees will have the opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally through content driven exchanges with other likeminded leaders and people that will have a life-long impact on each other. The MBA World Summit networking process offers a great opportunity for current MBAs to pose ideas and gain insight from top MBA global leaders. For the MBA Alumni to meet with others who went through the exact same top MBA programs, and to grow from likeminded successful individuals through high impact exchange, which will provide benefits to both personal and professional areas of life.

A Creative “Laboratory” for Collaborative Exchange

The MBA World Summit is by far “The” platform where the collective voice and wisdom of the most innovative and passionately collaborative MBAs is heard. To this end, many participants prepare a series of experimental workshops, termed ’Summit Laboratory Sessions’, to share their knowledge and incubate emerging ideas during the course of the Summit. The sessions can be used differently by each participant, for example an experienced MBA Alumni may want to educate other attendees on a particular field of work, whereas a current MBA student may wish to challenge other participants with a problem that they themselves have had difficulty overcoming. They span an eclectic gamut of topics and provoke vigorous discussion amongst the participants, helping to forge strong relationships amongst this group of upcoming and present global business leaders.

An Opportunity to Develop and Boost Business Ideas

The „Big Idea Lounge “at the MBA World Summit provides unique opportunities to entrepreneurial MBAs. During „Ideation Panels “(IPs) MBAs with entrepreneurial backgrounds or those who want to become an entrepreneur in the future, can engage in in-depth discussion with peers, industry experts and the who-is-who of the local start-up scene.  Preselected investors and ventures are matched with early and later stage start-ups, idea pitches and face to face talks are facilitated to create a dialogue where feedback is given, or productive partnerships are established. Entrepreneurs are also able to exchange with others at a similar stage, where experiences and lessons can be shared about the entrepreneurial start-up life.

Social Impact on Local Businesses and Communities, Offering the Chance to Leave a Positive Footprint

In Cape Town 2018 the social impact day was introduced at the MBA World Summit, it was the chance for attendees to have a lifelong impact on local business and society, through engaging with local business owners to help them with struggles that they may encounter with their businesses. This work is something that we want to replicate at Sydney 2019 as members now have the opportunity to leave a footprint behind which will help local communities for the years to come. Participants no longer solely benefit passively from attending the Summit but create something that will have a lifelong impact on local community business around the world. 

A Chance for Outstanding Career Opportunities & Inspirational Sparring with Top-Executives

A small number of carefully selected and highly inspiring companies who share in the Summit’s values are also invited to participate in this global forum as partner companies. They contribute to the exciting and stimulating environment by sharing perspectives from the ‘corporate battlefield’ and extending lucrative career opportunities to the attendees – participants will have the option of exclusive face-to-face time with company representatives to discuss new perspectives and future possibilities.


Current MBA Student

Current MBA Students go free to the event and receive sponsoring for accommodation, catering and entertainment expenses

MBA Students will have full access to all formats: SLS, Networking, Big Idea Lounge, Social Impact + exclusive career opportunities with our partner companies

Requirements: Current MBA students must be 1st or 2nd year full-time MBA students, or on a deferred enrollment program for  an MBA (eg. 2+2 or 1+1), Executive and Postgraduate MBA students are also accepted

Applicants must pay a €60 application handling fee

Current MBA Student Applications for the 2019 MBA World Summit are now CLOSED

MBA Alumni

The MBA Alumni ticket price is €450 including the €60 application handling fee, only the application handling fee is required during the application (the rest is due to be paid once the applicant is accepted as an attendee).

Access to all session formats: SLS, Networking, Big Idea Lounge, Social Impact & Career

Access to complete attendee database + Matchmaking service, where personalised matches will be made with other attendees

To qualify: The applicant must have been an Alum from a recognizable format and program for two or more years, and evidence of this must be provided on the applicants CV

(Apply Now for the Early Bird reduced ticket price – with 50EUR off!)

Alumni Applications are Open until December 28th

To ensure that we have the best attending participants as possible, there is a rigorous application process for all potential attendees


The gateway to the Global Leadership Community

The MBA World Summit is the flagship event of the GLC, a Global Leadership Community which aims to become the apex leadership network for the most exceptional individuals worldwide that will follow all Summit participants, past and present, through their entire personal and professional lives. The GLC is composed of members who stretch across all different levels of seniority and they stem from various working backgrounds, but all they share the fundamental same educational process which is accentuated through the MBA World Summit event and the provided network thereafter.

This growing community which welcomes a fresh group of members each year carries on the work begun and the relationships forged at the Summit in locally organized „City Circles“, by arranging meet-ups and ground-up initiatives .

Every year, all Summit alumni are also invited to participate in the MBA World Summit and pass on the Summit’s innovative and eclectic culture to new members (including full sponsorship of accommodation, catering and entertainment).

Tapping on the high calibre of talent and the outsized ambitions of its rigorously selected members, the GLC will be at the forefront of the global conversation on business in the years to come. As more of its members will rise and continue to hold influential positions around the globe, the GLC will eventually advance beyond facilitating inspiring dialogues to incubating high-impact projects with a positive business and social agenda. This long-term goal, then, is what the GLC is about. ‘Inspiration con brio’: Inspiration, energetically applied.