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The Global Leadership Community at its finest:
More than just a professional network, GLC is a private space for authentic global connections to be forged and mutual support offered as members’ journey through life together. It is a crucible of original thought, penetrating insight and uplifting relationships, that spreads its influence throughout the major cities of the world.

The GLC will be at the forefront of the global conversation of business in the years to come. As the members of the GLC across all our diverse levels of seniority from students to c-levels, take up (or continue to hold) key influential positions and continue to be a driving force in global business.  The GLC will eventually advance beyond facilitating inspiring dialogues to incubating high-impact projects with a positive business and social agenda. This long-term goal, then, is what the GLC is about. ‘Inspiration con brio’: Inspiration, energetically applied.

To enable that, every year the MBA World Summit is only the beginning of a highly exclusive circle of all these unique leadership personalities which have been rigorously selected out of 3,000 applicants each year. It is the launch pad for this sustainable global community, which aims to become the apex leadership network for the most exceptional and inspiring individuals worldwide that will follow all MBA World Summit participants, past, present & future, through their entire personal and professional lives.

While we make sure that each member of this growing community believes strongly in the value of sharing and exchange, we welcome a fresh group of members each year, carrying on the work begun and the relationships forged at the Summit.

In order to foster sustainable personal relationships among our GLC members, we are organizing meet-ups, ground-up initiatives and regional chapters in global cities across the world. Every year, all MBA World Summit alumni will be invited to participate in the MBA World Summit and pass on the MBA World Summit’s innovative and eclectic culture to new members.


GLC Ambassadors

Patrick Prehl

Current MBA Student,
ESADE Business School 

Shasha Yuan

Current MBA Student,
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Marie Daley

MBA Alumni,
Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto)


MBA Alumni,
Mannheim Business School

Katarina Gelke

Current MBA Student,
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Stephanie Chu

Current MBA Student, 
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Johannes Hebel

MBA Alumni, 
Hong Kong University


“We strive to create an innovative network that not only brings to life enriching relationships but also provides our members with inspirational business contacts. We want to boost the Global Leadership Community to be a vital, beneficial network of professional as well as personal experiences and connections around the globe. We created the City Circles in order to support these values and further connect our GLC-members. Every City Circle is lead by a Tamada, one member that takes over the responsibility to plan and organize local meetings, activities, and events for the City-Circle.”

Tobias Edinger, COO QX-Quarterly Crossing GmbH


The City Circle Leaders

I wanted to support and develop the GLC.  I am still astonished by the people I met at the MBA World Summit.  Following the Summit, I was completely inspired and wanted to find a way to stay in touch with as many of these inspiring individuals as possible.  Becoming a Tamada allowed me to do that.



I became a Tamada because I want to develop London as a hub for the inspiring GL Community.  London is a unique, fascinating, and multicultural city that fits perfectly within the culture and purpose of the GLC.  Welcoming people from all over the world and hearing their fascinating stories is an incredible opportunity for me and something that is far from a burden.  It is an honor to be able to play a small part in organizing this platform that facilitates the exchange of experiences, ideas, and critical thought.

JULIANE HAUPT – Tamada London

I decided to be a Tamada because I saw it as a deeply rewarding opportunity for personal development. It gives me the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and meet and host events for folks from all over the GLC community passing by Barcelona. I plan to organise at least one or two monthly gatherings (casual drinks, museum visits, private events, etc.) with members living and passing by Barcelona.