MBA World Summit 2022

Milan/Italy – November 16th-18th 2022



The MBA World Summit is the pinnacle international gathering for the global MBA community. It has been a top “Best-Practice-Sharing” and “High-Impact-Exchange” platform for “the world´s most inspiring MBAs”, building bridges between the most prestigious programs all over the place since its inauguration in 2014.


Reverse Mentoring

One big highlight of the MBA World Summit 2022 is the Global Reverse Mentoring Program. Reverse Mentoring is the big trend among international top-executives, ever since Elon Musks statement „if you’re over 45 and don`t have an under-30 Mentor – not Mentee, MENTOR – then you’re going to miss fundamental shifts in thinking that are happening”.

Because of the increasingly rapid technological progress, more and more companies see a significant competitive advantage (= more innovative strength!) in the exchange with “young people”. Just like large technology companies in Silicon Valley, which already stipulate a minimum number of “under-35s” on their advisory boards (“age diversity”).

In the “Reverse Mentoring Program” on the MBA World Summit 2022 we bring you, as an ambitioned MBA student, together with the “top decision makers” of international companies and facilitate the optimal match/tandem formation in terms of a sustainable personal and mutually value-creating mentor-/advisor-relationship.


Host – POLIMI Graduate School of Management

This years summit will take place in the wonderful city of Milan/Italy, hosted by POLIMI Graduate School of Management, one of the best scientific and technological universities in the world. For more than 40 years, POLIMI has been engaged in providing managerial training programmes for graduates, professionals, companies and institutions. 

At POLIMI Graduate School of Management they create meaningful paths for future business leaders and the businesses they will lead, guided by the over-arching belief that they have a crucial role to play in shaping a better world for all.

Based in Milan, Italy’s main business centre, our school was created over 40 years ago as MIP Politecnico di Milano and today it is a not-for-profit Consortia Limited Company composed of the University and a group of leading Italian and multinational companies.

They offer more than 40 masters degrees, including MBA and EMBA, and a catalogue of over 200 open programmes, along with customised training for companies. They continue to innovate and their digital learning systems allow them to seamlessly integrate personalized and continuous learning experiences into their programmes and have placed them amongst the top-ranked Online MBA rankings globally. As part of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, they are among the few “Triple Crown” accredited schools across the world.

With over 15,000 alumni and 3,000 students every year they are an innovative and entrepreneurial community made up of diverse people and partners. They see the power of relationships as a constant source of enrichment, innovation and inspiration, personal and professional.

At POLIMI Graduate School of Management they take sustainability seriously and continue to work towards a better, more conscious, more equitable and more inclusive future. In 2020 they were the first European Business School to become a B Corp certified business.

For more infos about this years host business school, please follow www.gsom.polimi.it.

Exclusive Oasis & Inspiring Community

Every year, only the 100 most inspiring MBAs are rigorously selected (out of more than 3.000 applicants) and invited to this exclusive conference where all attendees co-create the agenda.

Ultimate Launch-Pad for Participants’ individual Endeavors

The MBA World Summit has been created based on our strong belief that bringing together exciting and inspiring top-talent personalities in an intimate and uplifting setting will always result in innovation, progress, new connections or even life-long friendships.

Initiator’s extra Benefit

Additionally for all those who (now or in the future) strive for any kind of business opportunity in Europe (e.g. Co-Labs, Roll-outs, Investments, etc.), the MBA World Summit will also serve as a door-opener to Germany’s largest elite entrepreneurs and top-manager community “QX-Quarterly Crossing”.

Welcome to the Family.

Over its duration of three days, no MBA World Summit has failed to build a strong bond among its participants. The relationships that have been build during informal presentations and in-between chit-chats alike have lasted ever since and opened up completely new, unexpected pathways to our alumni. 

QX-Quarterly Crossing

The MBA World Summit is an initiative by QX-Quarterly Crossing, Germany`s largest Leadership Community of Top-Entrepreneurs, Board-Level-Executives, Visionaries and Role Models.